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18th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music

Welcome to the 18th edition of SBCM! 

SBCM is a biannual event organized by the Computer Music Interest Group (CECM) of the Brazilian Computing Society (SBC). Check our archive! This archive contains links to all previous editions of the event, giving access to the full digital content made available in each year, including the electronic proceedings:

If you want to keep it on track, please, follow our discussion on our mailing list:

In 2021, the 18th SBCM will be hosted by the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) and will be a fully online event at affordable prices to welcome a broad music technology audience. We aim to achieve a more extensive diversity of themes, aesthetic trends, markets, and communities.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: June 27, 2021 July 18, 2021
Notification of acceptances and rejections: August 23, 2021
Presenter registration deadline: October 6, 2021
Camera-ready submission: September 27, 2021
Presentation video submission deadline: October 15, 2021
The Conference: October 25, 2021, to October 27, 2021

Conference Topics

SBCM welcomes articles on all topics related to the intersection between computer science/engineering and music. At the time of submission, authors will be able to include other topics to facilitate the review process and welcome unlisted points.

- Artificial Intelligence, A-Life and Evolutionary Music Systems
- Computational Musicology
- Computer Music and Creative processes
- Digital Sound Processing
- Movement and Gesture
- Music Analysis and Synthesis
- Music Expressiveness
- Music Information Retrieval
- Music Perception, Psychoacoustics, and Cognition
- Music, Society, and Technology
- Real-time Interactive Systems
- Sensors and Multimodal Signal Processing
- Software Systems and Languages for Sound and Music

Contribution Formats

The organizing committee welcomes the following contributions formats:

- Technical Papers, expected to present original research work, deal with research and outcomes involving subjects related to computer music's broad territory. Full technical papers will be presented at the scientific track. At least one of the authors must register for the conference. They can have up to 8 pages and must be written in English. Technical Paper reviews will be double-blind.
- Music Papers, centered on artistic and musical activities related to the conference theme, discussing artistic/creative processes description, aesthetics on digital music, computational musicology, or practice-based research approaches. These will be presented at the scientific track, and at least one of the authors must register for the conference. They can have up to 8 pages, must be written in English, and reviews will be single-blind.
- Short Papers can present either original or ongoing research, with a technical or musical focus within computer music topics. Short papers will be presented at the ENCM track, can have up to 4 pages, and can be written either in English, Portuguese, or Spanish. Reviews will be single-blind.
- Technical demos can showcase recent industrial developments and applications, which are not necessarily scientifically focused but are relevant to the computer music community. They will be presented at the ENCM. These will be curated by the organizing committee.
- Hands-on Workshops, Tutorials, and Short Courses which are events in which tutors can instruct other participants on either basic computer music-related or novel, state-of-the-art topics. These events will be part of the ENCM and will be evaluated by the organizing committee.
- Reports for research groups, art collectives, studio practice presenting the artistic and research activity in a laboratory, project, research team, art collective, art groups, and/or any other kind of group work developed at Universities, communities, and Research Centers focused in computers and music. These will be presented at the ENCM event and can be either in English, Portuguese, or Spanish. These will be evaluated by the organizing committee.
- Performances and artworks to be presented in the Festival, comprising installations, telematic performances, videos, interactive artworks centered on the boundaries between computers, music, and possibly other forms of art and technology. The works will be presented in formats that are feasible to be accessed remotely. These will be selected and organized by the organizing committee.

All the submitted works will be published in the SBCM proceedings and in the SBC Open Library. This year, our conference will publish selected musical papers and artworks as a dossiê in Vortex Music Journal. Also, selected papers from the ENCM will be invited to publish in the REIC Journal.

Templates for manuscript preparation
Papers must be submitted in PDF format, and should adhere strictly to the layout defined by the following templates, available for LaTeX, LibreOffice and Microsoft Word. There is also a pdf version of the template text available for layout double-checking.

Download the Templates
Template for LaTeX
Template for Microsoft Word
Template for LibreOffice
Art submission form in PDF
Art submission form for Microsoft Word
Art submission form for LibreOffice

Our submission platform will be JEMS by SBC.

Organizing Committee

General Co-chairs

Giordano Cabral (UFPE/CESAR)
Filipe Calegario (UFPE)

Technical Papers Chairs

Tiago Tavares (UNICAMP)
Filipe Calegario (UFPE)

Musical Papers and Festival Chairs

Ivan Simurra (UFAC)
Flávio Schiavoni (UFSJ)
Cristiano Figueiró (UFBA)
Isabel Nogueira (UFRGS)

National School of Computer Music Chair

Claudio Rogerio Gomes da Silva (UNIFAP)

Industry Track Chair

Geber Ramalho (UFPE/CESAR)

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