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SBCM is a biannual event organized by the Computer Music Interest Group (CECM) of the Brazilian Computing Society (SBC). Check our archive! This archive contains links to all previous editions of the event, giving access to the full digital content made available in each year, including the electronic proceedings:

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In 2021, the 18th SBCM will be hosted by the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) and will be a fully online event at affordable prices to welcome a broad music technology audience. We aim to achieve a more extensive diversity of themes, aesthetic trends, markets, and communities.


conference topics

SBCM welcomes articles on all topics related to the intersection between computer science/engineering and music. At the time of submission, authors will be able to include other topics to facilitate the review process and welcome unlisted points.

– Artificial Intelligence, A-Life and Evolutionary Music Systems
– Computational Musicology
– Computer Music and Creative processes
– Digital Sound Processing
– Movement and Gesture
– Music Analysis and Synthesis
– Music Expressiveness
– Music Information Retrieval
– Music Perception, Psychoacoustics, and Cognition
– Music, Society, and Technology
– Real-time Interactive Systems
– Sensors and Multimodal Signal Processing
– Software Systems and Languages for Sound and Music

Music photo created by sid4rtproduction -
Music photo created by sid4rtproduction –

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